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Whale Shark documentary online now!

Each year an extraordinary event takes place off the coast of Qatar. The world’s largest fish, the Whale Shark, congregate in numbers unseen except for a handful of places across the world’s oceans.

The specially produced documentary film tells the story of an ambitious five-year research programme, led by Qatar’s Ministry of Environment and supported by some of the world’s foremost Whale Shark experts, to reveal the secrets of these Whale Sharks.

Central to the story are the platforms in the Al Shaheen oil field. It is possible that these towering underwater structures help to attract the Whale Sharks. The platform legs act like artificial reefs; creating an environment that is bursting with marine life. The ready source of food may be instrumental in drawing the ocean wanderers to these waters.

“It’s actually like dodging a double decker bus coming towards you when you see one of the whale sharks coming out of the gloom”
– Michael Pitts, Emmy Award winning cinematographer.

“I saw more whale sharks in one day than I have ever seen before in the rest of my career”
– Dr Simon Pearce, Whale Shark science co-ordinator.

“We will have still many years to learn about the whale sharks and to also understand the biodiversity of the Al Shaheen area”
– Mohammed Al-Jaidah, Special Environmental Advisor, Ministry of Environment, Qatar.